Al-Houssaine Bah

    Al-Houssaine Bah

    Education Program Manager

    Mr. Bah is the Education Program Manager at MP. In addition, Mr. Bah is in charge of monitoring and evaluation of the Whitaker Project Development Initiative in South Sudan.

    Prior to his current position, Mr. Bah was the Ebola Project Coordinator at Millennium Promise and the Earth Institute, where he worked on the Ebola Response in Guinea.

    Mr. Bah has worked with many organizations including, Action Guinea, a grassroots community-based NGO that provides health and education services for the Guinean immigrant community, most of whom are asylums, and the Social Sciences Research Center “Observatoire” where he has worked as Research Assistant.

    For the past 10 years, Mr. Bah has worked as a Consultant with many governmental and non-governmental institutions in the US and in Guinea: The United African Congress in the US, the INRI radio in Washington, the Guinean Embassy at the United Nations in New York, the Administration for Children’s Services in New York, the Program of Environmental Governance in Guinea, the Chantal Cole Foundation and as Research Assistant to Dr. A. Rasmusen at Fordham University.

    Mr. Bah’s interest in education is not limited to solely to educational policy and research. He also has a keen interest in the designing and implementation of sustainable projects in vocational and technical schools.

    Mr. Bah has his MA in Education Policy from New York University and his BA in Sociology, with a concentration in Education and Health, from the University of Gamal Abdel Nasser of Conakry.