At Millennium Promise, we believe that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including the end of poverty, can be achieved by 2030, even in the most challenging and remote parts of the world. By mobilizing cutting-edge science and technology for effective local development, Millennium Promise seeks to accelerate sustainable development across rural sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. From 2005-2015, Millennium Promise provided the operational platform and resource mobilization for the Millennium Villages Project, which deployed a holistic, science-based approach to accelerate progress on the Millennium Development Goals for more than 500,000 people across sub-Saharan Africa. We continue to build on this work to implement the SDGs at the sub-national level through several key initiatives; including the Sustainable Districts Program, Connect To Learn, and the One Million Community Health Workers Campaign.


    Millennium Promise seek to fill the following positions:

    Communication specialist / Journalist

    Communication specialist / Journalist

    Position Title : Communication specialist / Journalist

    Duty Station : Communications

    Program unit : Communications

    Terms of Reference - Job Description

    The communications specialist reports directly to the CEO of MP. He/She is responsible for positioning MP’s work in priority areas worldwide through mainstream media, multimedia and social media platforms, with a special emphasis on garnering coverage in elite international media outlets. He/she is responsible for drafting and editing communication materials. He/she is responsible for developing and implementing global campaigns and press launches in coordination with different MP sites. He/she is also responsible for supporting communication initiatives positioning the CEO and senior staff and positioning MP experts in the media.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Facilitate MP’s positioning at national, regional and international levels

    • Develop and maintain close working relations with media outlets and identify opportunities for MP experts for media placement;
    • Organize, provide support and arrange broadcast and print media interviews for MP experts;
    • Plan and implement communication steps to place MP in national, regional and international media outlets;
    • Help to shape messages and stories and pitch them to journalists and editors;
    • Help to organize and coordinate journalist trips to MP projects 

    Contribute to developing and implementing MP’s media relations plans including:

    • Initiate, draft, edit various types of reports, communications materials, including press kits, fact sheets, infographics and multimedia products;
    • Organize press events and position MP senior staff in press launches;
    • Work across the organization with policy and regional experts to identify media moments, develop and implement relevant materials and media outreach;
    • Work with social media team to draft messages for social media platforms;

    Support MP SDG outreach to regional and international media from regions and country offices:

    • Collaborate with MP sites to identify potential stories for media placement in  national , regional and international media;
    • Identify opportunities for report launches and other media moments with relevant regional offices;
    • Identify opportunities for, pitch and facilitate interviews by Regional and Country Office leadership and policy and program experts to broadcast, print and online international media;
    • Coordinate international media work when emergencies happen and support affected country offices on communications and media work;
    • Provide communication support to national ,  Regional  and Country Offices as needed;
    • Provide media training and knowledge sharing with MP staff.



    • Master’s degree in Communication, Journalism, or a related field.
    • Five years of experience handling diverse communication efforts for a high-profile organization.
    • Writing and media relations experience.
    • Experience working in SDG/MDG.
    • High level of professional writing skills.
    • Strong organizational skills.
    • Skills and experience in media relations and strategic message development through effective pitching, release writing, video and social media.
    • Fluent in English and in French
    • Proficiency in word processing, PowerPoint, electronic media.




    Duty Station : Invitation to bid for Two Community Ambulances And Two Mobile vehicles (station Wagons)

    Program unit : Invitation to bid for Two Community Ambulances And Two Mobile vehicles (station Wagons)


    The Republic of Uganda

    Office of The Prime Minister

    Dry lands Intergrated Development Project  Karamoja


    Invitation to bid for Two Community  Ambulances  And Two Mobile vehicles (station Wagons)

    The      government of Uganda has received a credit financing from Islamic development Bank (IDB) towards the cost of implementation of the Dryland integrated Development Project Karamoja through the Office of the Prime Minister, the Executing Agency responsible for implementation of the project through Millennium Promise Alliance Uganda.

    The Dryland Integrated Development Project applies a multi sectoral approach aimed at holistically addressing challenges faced by pastoralist communities that directly contribute to the objective of reducing vulnerability, building resilience and improving people’s livelihoods in the district of Moroto, Napak, Nakapiripirit and Amudat.

    The Office of the Prime Minister, through the project implementation Unit based in Moroto intends to apply part of the proceeds of this financing for the procurement of Community Ambulance and Mobile vehicles for the communities In the Karamoja region: Moroto, Nakapiripirit, Amudat and Napak Districts. This will be done in the following;


    Supply of

    a)      Two Community Ambulances

    b)     Two Mobile vehicles                                       

    1.  The Office of the Prime Minister, through its Project Implementation Unit based in Moroto invites sealed bid for the provision of Two Community Ambulances  and Two mobile Vehicles.

    2. Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the Open International Competitive Bidding   method contained in the Islamic Development bank procurement guidelines.

    3. You may obtain further information from Dryland Integrated Development Project Karamoja Office Circular Road next to NWSC Moroto Municipality and inspect the bidding documents at the address given below at 8(a) from 9:00a.m -5:00P.M or our website : Millennium

     4.  The Bidding documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders on the submission of a written application to the address below at 8(a) and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of UGX 100,000. The method of payment will be cash payment to Finance Coordinator.

    5. Bids must be delivered to the address below at 8(c) at or before  10/11/2017  at 11:00a.m   a bid securing declaration valid up to 30/05/2018. Late bids shall be rejected. Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders’ representatives who choose to attend at the address below at 8(a) at 10/11/2017  at 11:30a.m

     7 .There shall not be a pre –bid meeting. 


    8   (a) Documents may be inspected at: The Project Implementantion unit

                                                                          Dryland Integrated Development Project Karamoja

                                                                     Circular Road next to NWSC

                                                                        Moroto Municipality

                                                                        P.O Box 51 Moroto

                                                                 Tel: 0392 – 176716

    Attention: The Team Leader, project Implementation Unit

                          Dryland Integrated Development Project

         (b)   Documents will be issued from:    Same as above

         (c)   Bids must be delivered to: Same as above

    (d)  Bid Opening : Same as above .

    10. The planned procurement schedule (subject to changes) is as follows:



    a.      issue invitation to bid


    b.     Pre bid meeting/site visit


    c.      Bid closing date


    d.     Evaluation process

    (Within 20 working days from bid closing date)

    e.      Display and communication of best evaluated bidder notice

    (Within 5 working days from Contracts Committee approval of evaluation report)

    f.       Contract Signing

    (After expiry of at least 10 working days from display of the best evaluated bidder notice and Attorney General’s approval).





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