Cheikh Sadibou Faye

    Cheikh Sadibou Faye

    GIS Assistant

    Cheikh has joined the team in charge of the spatialization of development policies in November 2014 as an Intern Assistant in Geomatics.

    Prior to joining the Millennium Promise team, he worked as an Expert in Cartomatic for the Project for Integrated Coastal Zones Management in Senegal. He has also worked with the Direction of Environment and agroforestry parkland in Senegal. In addition to that, he worked with the National Agency for Statistics and Demography as database manager after his Bachelor in Business Intelligence.

    He has a Master degree in Environment Science, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

    Cheikh has a good expertise in GIS, Remote Sensing, Scaling Up, Rapid Infrastructure and Facilities Assesment and is currently working as Assistant in spatialization of development policies at Millennium Promise.

    Mister Faye has been involved in many projects, such as the mapping of infrastructures, natural resources, density of drainage water and road in MP sites in Mali and Ghana, Guinea, Senegal.