Sustainable Districts Program (SDP)

    Submitted by admin on Tue, 04/25/2017 - 18:54
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    Launched in 2016, the Sustainable Districts Program provides governments and partners with practical tools, powerful technologies, and proven community-based strategies for achieving the SDGs at the local level. Partnering with governments specifically at the district level allows for more immediate action and nimble response to local needs.

    Building on the innovations and systems developed over 10 years through the Millennium Villages Project, the SDP will complement district government resources with Millennium Promise’s operational and technical expertise. By building capacity for local leadership and action, Millennium Promise aims to help accelerate achievement of the SDGs in these districts across all SDG-related sectors.

    Across 10 countries in districts encompassing the original Millennium Villages, and more in the future, these programs will cover sustainable agriculture and economic development, health, education, infrastructure, women’s empowerment and good governance, ecosystems and climate, and information technology. Many of these programs will evolve out of current MVP-implemented initiatives, systems, and tools, such as the Community Health Workers (CHW) program (through the 1 Million CHWs Campaign), the Community Education Workers (CEW) program and Connect to Learn, the Lead Farmer Program, and various ICT and M&E tools and technologies.