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At Millennium Promise, we believe that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including the end of poverty, can be achieved by 2030, even in the most challenging and remote parts of the world.

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By mobilizing cutting-edge science and technology and using a multi-sector and multi-scale approach for effective local development, Millennium Promise seeks to accelerate sustainable development and eradicate poverty across rural sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

This will include the institutionalization of our approach in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond by collaborating with partners in research and applied field work. This will also involve the up-scaling of our approach sub-regionally by providing technical and operational assistance and capacity building support to institutions in our intervention area.

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Millennium Promise addresses the root causes of extreme poverty by taking a holistic, community-led approach to sustainable development. To meet the many different challenges each region faces, MP use multiple tools such as community health workers, diversified local food production, commercial farming, malaria control, piped water, solar electricity, and connectivity to name a few. These multiple tools are synergistic—while each has been proven to support its main target, each also contributes to progress on several or all of the goals.


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Clean Water for All, Bonsaaso, Ghana